Let’s Get This Over With: Reactions To The 2018 Law Ball

Some days after the conclusion of the 2018 UQ Law Ball, and with the benefit of hindsight, The Obiter have been able to piece together reactions and comments from all across the spectrum of ball attendees.


Many ball attendees had something to say, and we made sure to hear from all comers.

If it wasn’t so dark I would’ve got with her for sure.” - overheard from the ugliest bloke at the Ball.

“Don’t go too hard at pres!” – overheard from someone who will definitely go too hard at pres.

“Wait until my father hears about this!” – Draco Malfoy spat on the way out of Venue Ei8ht.

“They didn’t even play Eagle Rock!” – a disappointed King’s College student who selected his best undies for this occasion.

“Ugh, worst Law Ball EVER. I fully demand a refund, even though Dad shouted me the ticket and the tux!” - a second-year Commerce/Economics student who has never been to a Law Ball before and will still probably upload 27 photos from the night.

“I vow to continue to never go to Family!” – overheard from a brave Law student.

“Haha, we should totally sue them for breach of contract - I contracted to get sloshed!” - Mike Robson, unnecessarily chirpy first-year that just learnt about contracts.

“Honestly, was not at all stressed when I was pulled over for an RBT.” – man driving home from Ball at 11.30pm.

‘You don’t want to drink wine too quickly, I reckon, and the bar staff made absolutely sure of that. It was a real privilege to be at a venue that respected the importance of a slow glass of Shiraz. I’m on cloud nine!’ – Robert Yates, Law student, and very full-on wine enthusiast.

“Yeah, vomit on me baby, that’s how I like it.” – the floor.

“Gee, I got my first grey hair waiting for those drinks! Haha, my first!” – overheard from an ex-student who graduated in 2015 and is desperately holding onto their youth.

Similarly, the staff and owners of Venue Ei8ht were willing to share their reactions to the evening.

Wait, wh3 doesn’t every1 constantly p7t rand0m numb3rs in word5?” - the owners of Venue Ei8ht.

“I get really, really turned on by being incredibly stressed.” - Venue Ei8ht bartenders.

The comments about the Ball were not exclusively limited to Ball attendees. Many notable figures around the world took to commenting on the evening.

There are law students dying of thirst,” said an impoverished African mother to her starving children.

“He’s no me, but Tilley did a good job.” - Avicii, live from Heaven.

“It was dark.” – Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Students who were actually not in attendance also wanted to get in on the action.

It was so wiiiiild! I don’t remember a thing! Like, actually nothing, don’t ask me about the night because I just don’t remember!” – student who did not actually attend but wants to get a little slice of street credit.

And the staff of The Obiter were not immune from commenting on the evening. Reports suggest a particularly diligent editor began writing headlines on his phone at 8.47pm.

This is my moment.” – The Obiter writing staff upon realizing it was slightly difficult to get a drink.