McDonald’s Release ‘The Greta Thunberger’ In Misguided Attempt To Jump On The Climate Train

In a move that has been slammed by climate activists as ‘plain obvious’, McDonald’s today announced the release of their new limited range menu item, the Greta Thunberger.

‘Progress never tasted so good,’ read the tagline on first round of marketing for the meal.

The burger, confusingly, is not even close to vegetarian and consists of two beef patties. ‘Greta’s not the only one whose got beef with the lack of action on climate,’ Acting McDonald’s CEO Grimace told a crowded press conference.

The Obiter understands that no one from Ms Thunberg’s climate action group gave anything close to permission for this deranged burger to be added to the menu. ‘

I mean, obviously there’s bigger issues at play here,’ said a source close to the 16-year old environmental activist. ‘It’s just weird, more than anything.’

In response to the comment, McDonald’s tweeted, ‘you ain’t the only source close to Thunberg. That’d be BBQ!’

More to come.

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